The early 2000s sparked a new era of digital piracy. It wasn’t until a little over a decade later that online piracy declined significantly with the introduction of new laws and, according to some, streaming services.

It is thought that streaming services in particular had a major impact on online piracy as it simply was a more convenient alternative to acquiring pirated content.

Unfortunately, online piracy wasn’t defeated, but only pushed back. At the start of the pandemic, piracy saw its comeback with there being a total of 130.3 billion visits to piracy sites in 2020 according to MUSO.

Digital piracy in the sports and cinema industries is especially notable. According to DataProt, there are over 230 billion views of pirated video material a year. That being said, the effects of digital piracy are even more unnerving.

What Are the Effects of Digital Piracy?

Digital piracy affects the lives of creators, producers, and the economy as a whole. DataProt notes that the “[a]nnual global revenue losses from digital piracy are between $40 and $97.1 billion in the movie industry.”

Furthermore, in the US alone, “[d]igital video piracy is costing the US economy between $29.2 and $71 billion each year.”

When it comes to content creators, loss in revenue due to piracy can be devastating and even result in the inability to create content due to a lack of income.

Though there are many industries that suffer from digital piracy, the sports and cinema industry are especially notable. Today, there are streaming sites that can be found through a simple search on Google that illegally stream pirated material from sporting events, TV shows, and movies.

In fact, MUSO found that 30% of individuals find piracy sites through a search engine. With that being said, copyright owners often find themselves lacking the proper knowledge, resources, and skills to fight against online piracy.

However, companies such as MyMedia Agency have stepped up to fight on the copyright owner’s behalf.

MyMedia Agency’s Fight Against Online Piracy

At MyMedia Agency, we use a variety of anti-piracy and digital protection measures to fight online piracy. These measures include:

  • Rapid Detection and Notification Technology—Detects and reports pirated content within minutes.
  • DMCA Enforcement—Immediate DMCA notifications of pirated works to enforce copyright law and stop piracy.
  • Comprehensive Reporting—Includes activity reports of the copyright owner’s content and whether it has remained protected.

With the resources and know-how, we use a wide range of strategies to safeguard and stop online piracy. For those interested in our services, you can contact us here.

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Final Thoughts

All in all, the sports and cinema industries are suffering from online piracy, but there are ways to fight against piracy. One of the best ways to fight digital theft is to seek professional help. For example, anti-piracy agencies, such as MyMedia Agency, are adept at stopping piracy in its tracks and protecting online content from would-be pirates.