Online content on services like OnlyFans and MYM has seen exponential growth since their initial launch. The impact of piracy goes beyond leaked content. Digital content creators all over the world are losing money every day due to pirated content. The creation of digital content helps people earn an income to support their families.

But, due to the increase in pirated content, it’s getting difficult for content creators to maintain a healthy stream of revenue. Digital content, whether it’s music, movies, or e-books, undergoes the threat of being leaked every day. While the Internet has made it convenient for creators to share their art with a global audience, it has also led to online piracy on a large scale.

Online piracy can be defined as the unauthorized use of content that does not belong to you. It also implies the reproduction of digital content that was initially created by someone else. This type of online piracy breaches the intellectual property rights of the original content creators.

MyMedia Agency is an anti-piracy company that is currently working with creators to minimize the threat to their content. We want to make sure that the rights to the creators’ content belong to them and stay restricted from platforms like Discord, TikTok, Twitter, Telegram, etc.

Subscription-based platforms like OnlyFans and MYM allow content creators to create content solely for their platforms. However, this content gets leaked on other social media platforms and this gives people easy access to content illegally. This leads to lost revenue for both the content platforms and the creators.

Every year, pirated video content garners almost 230 billion views. For example, video piracy increased by 49% from January 2022 to August 2022. Almost 80% of pirated content can be attributed to illegal streaming services. Not only is this harmful for original content creators, but it can also cause privacy breaches.

This is because oftentimes, illegal streaming services use their websites to get access to personal information on the user’s computer. This type of cybercrime can lead to identity theft.

Furthermore, the US economy faces a loss of revenue ranging between $29.2 to $70 billion every year due to pirated digital content. Not to forget, almost 70,000 people lose jobs every year due to pirated music. In the movie industry, digital piracy leads to a loss of global revenue of up to $97.1 billion.

According to DataProt, there were 17.380 billion visits to pirated websites in 2018 in the United States. About 50% of these visits were chalked up to illegal streaming services. People use illegal streaming services and pirated content despite several anti-piracy laws and restrictions. One of the biggest examples of this is the UK.

In a nutshell, the Creator Economy has suffered financially and creatively. Pirated content not only harms the creators’ revenue streams but also hinders their freedom to keep developing high-quality content.

MyMedia Agency is actively working towards abolishing online piracy. We aim to protect independent creators and help them keep their content secure. We help creators by removing pirated copies of their content from the Internet and filing official complaints to get the content removed. If you think your content is being pirated online, we are here to help you!